CLARSACH (the Scottish word for small harp), is a small association grouped around harp-maker Alison Wylie, based in the south of France.


We aim to promote the Celtic Harp and its music, the principal activity being the design and construction of instruments. Other activities include harp lessons, by arrangement at Cazal des Bayles, or every thursday at the Foyer Leo Lagrange in Foix.


The Celtic Harp differs from the classic or concert harp by its size (smaller, with a maximum of 36 strings), by its design (sharps and flats are achieved by use of half-tone levers rather than the pedal system of the concert harp), and of course by its traditional repertoire- the traditional music of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Brittany. This is however not the only repertoire- the possibilities of the Celtic Harp are infinite!


CLARSACH aims to provide instruments of quality at affordable prices, to allow access to this wonderful instrument for the widest possible public. Decorations such as sculptures or other artwork can be added at an extra cost.


ALISON WYLIE has been making harps for the past fifteen years. Thirty-five years of playing traditional Irish and Scottish music and twenty-five years experience as a fine wood-worker led Alison naturally to instrument making, an activity she pursues with passion and precision.