All harps are made from european hardwoods - preferably local. Sometimes I even know the tree the wood came from. Soundboards are either Sitka or Vosges spruce (AA quality). No exotic hardwoods! The strings can be gut, nylon, or carbon, according to choice (and budget !), with strings wound with either metal or nylon for the bottom octave.

In the main I choose maple (field maple), sycomore, walnut, cherry or pearwood. The choice is largely aesthetic, but sycomore tends to have a sharp resonance, whereas walnut at the other end of the spectrum gives a softer and rounder tone...


Listen to Midnight 34 in walnut

Listen to Midnight 34 in oak

Listen to Crystal 30 in cherry

Many thanks to Raphaël Mateos.


from left: cherry, pearwood, walnut, dyed walnut, sycomore


At the moment I make four different sizes, based on the number of strings : 22,25,30 and 34. Harps in the more recent « Midnight » series have 22, 30 or 34 strings.
Half-tone levers are by Camac or Delacour. I am currently looking into the possibility of lighter levers with the same standard of performance.

Flicker 25 strings
Flicker 22 strings
Crystal 30 strings
Whisper 34 strings
C27 - F3
C27 - C6
G30 - A1
C34 - A1
height 83cm
width 54cm
weight (approx)4kg

1800 euros

1600 / 1700 euros

partial / full levers*

2300 euros
2800 euros

Midnight 30 strings

Midnight 22 strings
Midnight 34 strings
F 31 - G2
C 27 - C 6
C 34 - A 1
height 116cm
width 58cm
weight (approx) 6kg
2400 euros

1700/1800 euros

palettes minimum/palettes complètes

2900 euros
pour plus de photos, cliquez ici

*Partial levers: only on C, F and B strings.

Prices unchanged in 2017:

Supplement walnut: 50€

Supplement gut (except bass octave): 150 - 200€

Supplement carving (according to size): 50 - 300€


Carrying case (made to measure for all models) : 200€

Choice between hand crafted (colourful!) in Ariège, or semi-rigid made in Spain.

Small harps only:

Adjustable stand: 100€

Harness for playing standing up: 100€


A deposit of 10% is taken at the time of order.

Owing to demand, there is a waiting list of several months - don't delay!